Monday, January 16, 2017

The Fable of the Orange Monkey

A malicious mathematical magician* 
sat in his dungeon alone with the cool air blowing through his meticulously neat laboratory. His machines whirred and clicked as he quietly came up with a formula to bring an orange monkey to rule the land and do his bidding. 

The orange monkey brought evil and sadness to the good people of the land. Darkness fell like a black blanket. He loved hate and the magician magnified it.** It fed his soul. But bananas..he was greedy and wanted all the bananas in the world. The malicious mathematical magician realized the orange monkey was out of his control. The magician thought he would get everything he wanted - rule the earth and make it the hateful place he imagined from his dungeon. For years he had been making magical spells for other evil people who bet on other people's misfortunes and profited off them.*** Now it was his turn. "It's not fair" he yelled and started to cry, causing a small fire amongst his machines.

The good people of the land had no idea the orange monkey came from the magician. They blamed each other, thinking they had brought the orange monkey on themselves!

As the orange monkey was now free of the magicians control, he realized he could do tricks for any rich person and he would get bananas. The mathematical magician realized that he had not computed the greed variable of the orange monkey himself. He pondered this. But now the monkey was a living breathing reflection of his own greed, running loose. 

A witch from the land of many lakes**** gave the orange monkey bananas for her to be in charge of all the children of the land. The witch hated children. She wanted them to stop going to school and work for her - except for the rich children. She didn't want any of her money or the other rich people's money to go toward children learning reading or math. No chance for them to become mathematical magicians. She herself hated teachers - all of them. Even the ones who let children play games, made them laugh and gave out wonderful stickers and lollipops. She wanted poor children to work. She imagined them in dark mines, like the ones she already had in the jungle.***** Oh the gold they could mine for her! And she just had to give the orange monkey a few bananas to make her dreams come true. 

Perhaps the good people of the land will find the malicious mathematical magician in his quiet dungeon****** and put him somewhere without his laboratory and his whirring and clicking machines - without even so much as a pencil to write 2+2. He could spend the rest of his life trapped with the orange monkey himself, watching those films school counselors have children watch about not being a bully and such. 

This story is just the beginning. The malicious mathematical magician has not yet learned his lesson. (So its not really a fable. Sorry.) We will have to teach him that lesson. How will we do it? Will there be pitchforks and torches outside his dungeon? Will you be the person who saved the good people of the land? 

*Robert Mercer. See: 1. The Bizarre Far-Right Billionaire Behind Trump's Presidency   
2. Robert Mercer’s Trade of the Century | Institutional Investor   
**Making Breitbart news pander to hate. See above articles.
***Hedge Funds
*****Betsy DeVos 
*****Mines in West Africa have been invested in by the RDV Corp., the company that manages the DeVos wealth. See AmLib
******You can find him at Renaissance Technologies 800 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022 212-829-4460 or try the East Setauket, NY office 631-444-7000. (There are others too) 

If he wants to hurl an orange monkey at America, we should all feel free to call him, stop by or send a letter about how we feel. If corporations want to run the gov't, well, let's bring it home to them. Angry citizens no longer need to complain to their elected representatives who are just corporate front men. 

Friday, November 25, 2016

Shouldn't we just ask Canada to move the border?

From a Detroiter’s perspective a simple fix to this Trump situation is to just move the border to Canada up to 8 mile. Simply put up a fence and move the guard huts a few miles to the north.

We already have many of your Canadian geese. We grew up on Mr. Dress-up. Our bus drivers are already in the same union and the transition to one union would be amicable. Many of us haven’t been over since 9/11 because of the border rules, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t wanted to! We see how your tunnel bus comes on time while we wait hours to get five minutes from downtown. We have tried working with Washington DC but they only care about the super rich – its not working out for us now and certainly won’t work out in the future. Its time for us to explore other options. Its time for us to move on.

We don’t need to keep our name – we will be just a new section of Windsor – there is Sandwich, Walkerville, and…Detroitville or Detroitwich. We aren’t picky. You could do a contest at the elementary schools for them to come up with our new name. Change the river’s name if you like…We know Windsor carries the burden of being associated with industrial Detroit, but we pledge to do our best to make Windsor the jewel of Canada.

Health care for all, no more dirty rich pigs looting our assets and destroying our city. No more of the Paul Singer and the Manhattan Institute’s “Stop and Frisk”. All we have to do is have a volunteer day putting up a fence and wake up the next day with health care, living in one of the most well balanced, liberal, happy countries on earth. We have been jealous for years. Now is the time for us. Why stay and fight a madman? Life is short. We already drink Tim Horton’s and while roller skating is more popular, it is a skill very similar to ice skating. We will get some knick-knacks of the Queen and her corgis, perhaps commemorative plates to fit in. We will work on our manners, say the word “about” differently, learn curling. We will patronize chip wagons with zest and welcome them into our neighborhoods. While banana pudding is very popular, butter tarts could easily become a favorite. We need some encouragement to vote – our votes have been thrown in the Detroit River so long many of us don’t even try anymore. Maybe some voter group therapy. We will need help succeeding because we have been beat down so long - but we are dedicated citizens. With the same amount of  effort most of us have put forth to get a pile of garbage picked up, a street light on, or an empty house boarded up, we could really redo a whole neighborhood with a supportive government. You will see this new section of Windsor blossom like nothing you could imagine.

Of course you will want to deport any ugly Americans who squeak in – more than likely you will find those in midtown and downtown in some $2,000/month loft that used to be low income housing. Others on the no fly list should be the exact pigs who have been turning Detroit into their garbage can for decades: anyone from Franklin, Michigan  (this covers a wide assortment of scoundrels like Dan Gilbert and Dave Bing), Ada, Michigan (any DeVos), Mike Ilitch, Mike Duggan, Mattie Maroun, Roger Penske etc..Trust us Canada, you don’t need them.

Move over Toronto and Vancouver. In exchange for safe refuge we offer you:

  • A water treatment plant worth billions
  • Billions in art, a beautiful museum and library system
  • Newly redone apt buildings downtown.
  • Not one, but 2 hockey stadiums, an indoor practice rink and a couple more.
  • A baseball stadium
  • A football stadium
  • Both sides of the Detroit River (water taxis anyone?)
  • Belle Isle park – we could build a bridge to Peche Island. You get two yacht clubs in that deal – you want to name them the Windsor Yacht Club? Or maybe make them municipal marinas?
  • A bridge and a train station
  • A tunnel for cars and a train tunnel under the river
  • An extensive school system with many new buildings
  • A couple of casinos You could shut them down to make yours more profitable. No worries.
  • A few historic housing districts and many architectural gems
  • 600,000 very nice people who have been insulted by the media and portrayed daily in an unfavorable light, many jailed/killed unjustly, whose have been made, through municipal bankruptcy and election rigging, invisible. Essentially, refugees. Canada can avoid making costly refugee camps with this simple plan. 

Detroiters, meet with on Tuesday evening. We will put up the fence ourselves. The suburbs have basically put up most of the fence already with their Detroit hate, so fortunately for us we just fill in the gaps. Like the giant flower pots they put up in Grosse Pointe to keep Detroiters out. At the end of the day we say thanks for taking care of that much of the new border for us.

Then we will move the huts with the guards, and voila! You may now enter Canada through Warren, Grosse Pointe, Redford etc. Although I have heard that parts of Grosse Pointe Park, Harper Woods and parts of Ann Arbor want to come along. Welcome everyone!

Buy our secession kit: No city left behind. Any city can afford to secede. You can’t afford not to. Not lucky enough to be close to Canada? Look at Alaska – why is that American? Even a small town in Mississippi could be like an island of Canada.

For $19.95 we will send you a booklet explaining how to move your local border further south or how to redraw your local map.
For $29.95 we will also send you instructions on building a wall from earth (if you can’t afford a fence) and a couple of border guards.
For $39.95 we will add to your package how to build weapons for your border guards – you could even make a catapult or just a gather a nice pile of rocks to throw.

Living well is the best revenge.

(Hope this little satire brightens up your day in the midst of this real horror.)

Monday, December 29, 2014

Who is Who in Detroit

whoswho Who’s Who In and Around Detroit
  • This is an ongoing project. It will never be complete. 
  • Associations of individuals and groups may not be up to date. 
  • I recommend Control + F to find things on this page.
  • Each individual has one main entry in bold listing all associations found to date. When they appear again on the page, there is a link back to the main entry.

These are the Foundation Funders from the 8th Plan of Adjustment, PDF page 159:

1. Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan $10,000,000
2. William Davidson Foundation 25,000,000
3. The Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation 10,000,000
4. Max M. and Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation 2,500,000*
5. Ford Foundation 125,000,000
6. Hudson-Webber Foundation 10,000,000
7. The Kresge Foundation 100,000,000
8. W. K. Kellogg Foundation 40,000,000
9. John S. and James L. Knight Foundation 30,000,000
10. McGregor Fund 6,000,000
11. Charles Stewart Mott Foundation 10,000,000
12. A. Paul and Carol C. Schaap Foundation 5,000,000*
Total $373,500,000

1. Community Foundation of Southeastern Michigan (CFSEM)
Board of Trustees
2. William Davidson Foundation
3. Erb Foundation
4. Max Fisher Foundation
  • Marjorie S. Fisher
  • Jane F. Sherman 
  • Julie Fisher Cummings 
  • Phillip Wm. Fisher 
  • Marjorie M. Fisher, Duggan Contributor
  • Mary D. Fisher, Duggan Contributor
5. Ford Foundation:
  • Irene Hirano Inouye, U.S.-Japan Council, Washington, D.C., also on the Kresge Foundation, Sodexho Marriott     
  • Darren Walker, New York, N.Y.
  • Kofi Appenteng, The West Africa Fund, Partner, Constant Capital, Redding, Conn.
  • Tim Berners-Lee, School of Engineering, and Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass., School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, South Hampton, United Kingdom
  • Afsaneh M. Beschloss, The Rock Creek Group, Washington, D.C.
  • Martin Eakes, Self-Help, Center for Responsible Lending, Durham, N.C.
  • Amy C. Falls, The Rockefeller University, New York, N.Y.
  • Juliet V. García, University of Texas at Brownsville, Brownsville, Tex.
  • J. Clifford Hudson, Sonic Corp, Oklahoma City, Okla.
  • Robert S. Kaplan, Martin Marshall Professor of Management Practice in Business Administration Harvard Business School, Boston, Mass.
  • Thurgood Marshall Jr., Bingham McCutchen, Principal, Bingham Consulting Group,Washington, D.C.
  • N.R. Narayana Murthy, Infosys Limited, Bangalore, India
  • Peter A. Nadosy, East End Advisors, LLC, New York, N.Y.
  • Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, New York, N.Y.
6. Hudson-Webber
7. Kresge
8. Kellogg Foundation
9. Knight Foundation
Trustees Emeritus
  • Dave Bing 
  • Ruth Glancy,  See above 
  • Ira Jaffe, Redico Real Estate, See above
  • Eugene A. Miller, See above
  • Bruce W. Steinhauer, M.D
  • Peter P. Thurber
11. C.S. Mott
  • William S. White, Chairman
  • Frederick S. Kirkpatrick, Vice-Chairman**
  • A. Marshall Acuff Jr.
  • Tiffany W. Lovett
  • Webb F. Martin
  • Olivia P. Maynard
  • John Morning
  • Maryanne Mott
  • Charlie Nelms
  • Douglas X. Patiño
  • William H. Piper
  • Marise M.M. Stewart
  • Claire M. White
12.Paul Schaap, his company Lumigen

"Grand Bargain" is also the term used for cutting/ending social security. Here is one example but there are many more:

In the 8th Plan of Adjustment, PDF page 140, it explains: “Supporting Organization means the Foundation for Detroit’s Future, a Michigan nonprofit corporation, which is a supporting organization of Community Foundation of Southeastern Michigan (CFSEM), which was established to accommodate the contribution and payment of monies from the Funders, as contemplated under this Term Sheet, and will obtain 501(c)(3) status prior to the Closing.”

"If the City fails to cure a breach or failure during the cure period each Funder and the Supporting Organization shall have the right to cancel its remaining commitments." -  p154 PDF

"The City will adopt and maintain pension governance mechanisms that meet or exceed commonly accepted best practices reasonably satisfactory to the Funders and the State to ensure acceptable fiscal practices and procedures for management and investment of pensions and selection of acceptable pension boards to ensure the foregoing." PDF Page 149

"The City will establish, by the Effective Date (as defined below), a Receivership Transition Review Board (“Review Board”) or other independent
fiduciary that is independent of the City and any association of City employees or retirees for future supervision of the Pensions’ management, administration and investments for at least twenty years after the Effective Date." PDF Page 149
DIA Board of Directors
Emeritus Directors
Honorary Directors


Two investment committees are formed in the 8th Plan of Adjustment.

General Retirement Systems (GRS) Investment Committee

“The five (5) initial IC Independent Members shall be selected by mutual agreement of the appropriate representatives of the State, the City and the Board, in consultation with the Foundation for  Future. The initial Independent Members and their terms of office will
be as follows: Ken Whipple (2 years), David Sowerby (3 years), Robert Rietz (4 years), Doris Ewing (5 years) and Kerrie VandenBosch (6 years). Successor Independent Members shall be recommended by a majority of the remaining Independent Members and confirmed by the Board and the State Treasurer in consultation with the Foundation for Detroit’s Future, in accordance with such rules and regulations as may be adopted by the IC, provided such rules and regulations are not inconsistent with the POA and this agreement.” PDF Page 807

1. Ken Whipple, see above.
2. Kerrie Vanden Bosch, of Lansing, is director of the Plan Development and Compliance Division for Michigan’s Office of Retirement Services and works on state's pension.6 year term.,4668,7-277-61369-339804--,00.html
3. Doris Ewing, of Detroit, is owner of Madison Ewing LLC, past senior consultant with NEPC LLC. 5-year term.,4668,7-277-61369-339804--,00.html
Appointed by Snyder to Fairgrounds committee:,4668,7-277-57577-278137--,00.html
President of the Detroit Golf Club Property Owners Association
4. Robert Rietz, of North Carolina, retired Detroit Deloitte Consulting. Rietz served on the board of the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System from 1995 to 2001. 4-year term.,4668,7-277-61369-339804--,00.html
5. David Sowerby, of Bloomfield Hills, Loomis, Sayles & Co., past Beacon Investment Management Co. in Ann Arbor. Michigan Economic Development Corp., past chairman on the investment advisory committee for the state of Michigan’s $50 billion pension fund. 3-year term.,4668,7-277-61369-339804--,00.html

Police and Fire Retirement System (PFRS) Investment Committee

“The five (5) initial IC Independent Members shall be selected by mutual agreement of the appropriate representatives of the State, the City and the Board, in consultation with the Foundation for Detroit’s Future. The initial Independent Members and their terms of office will be as follows: Rebecca Sorenson (2 years), Joseph Bogdahn (3 years), Robert C. Smith (4 years), McCullough Williams III (5 years) and Woodrow S. Tyler (6 years).” PDF page 807 8th Plan of Adjustment

Appointments to the Police and Fire Retirement System’s Investment Committee:
1. Woodrow Tyler, of Dexter, retired UAW Retiree Medical Benefit Trust, State of Michigan Pension Fund from 1995-2009 6-year term.,4668,7-277-61369-339804--,00.html
2. McCullough Williams, of Ohio, FIS Group, a deputy state auditor in Ohio. 5-year term.,4668,7-277-61369-339804--,00.html
3. Robert Smith, of Ohio, Spero-Smith Investment Adviser Inc., Ohio Public Employees Retirement System as an investment expert. 4-year term.,4668,7-277-61369-339804--,00.html
4. Joseph Bogdahn, of Florida, is chairman of The Bogdahn Group, past president of Rotary, board of the Citrus Center Boys & Girls Club. 3-year term.,4668,7-277-61369-339804--,00.html
5. Rebecca Sorenson, of Birmingham, UBS Financial Services. Sorenson earned a bachelor’s degree from Walsh College. 2-year term.,4668,7-277-61369-339804--,00.html
UBS was a creditor in the bankruptcy

General Voluntary Employee Beneficiaries Association (VEBA) health care trust:
  • Floyd Allen
  • Roger Cheek
  • Suzanne Daniels Paranjpe
  • Doris Ewing, see above
  • Barbara Wise-Johnson
  • Shirley Lightsey, DRCEA
  • Thomas Sheehan

Police and Fire VEBA trust:
former state Treasurer Andy Dillon, now of Conway McKenzie (one of the city's firms involved in the bankruptcy)
  • Floyd Allen
  • Gregory Best
  • John Clark
  • Allan Grant
  • Thomas Sheehan, see above
  • Greg Trozak
  • ex-officio member Shirley Berger.
Skillman Foundation as VEBA supporting organization for PFRS and GRS.

Skillman Foundation Board:
The U.S. Treasury is going to oversee the public pension funds by putting a person from CHASE, from their HOUSING and PUBLIC FINANCE in charge.

State of Michigan
A nine-member Board oversees the State Employees Retirement System administration. The Governor appoints four of the nine members to represent active and retired state employees. Five Board members serve by virtue of their offices in state government. Upon expiration of a term a member may continue to serve, at the pleasure of the governor, until a successor is appointed.,4654,7-208-47025_47121---,00.html
  • Robert L. Brackenbury  
  • Matthew Fedorchuk
  • John Gnodtke
  • Randall S. Gregg
  • Molly Jason
  • Douglas Johnson
  • Vernon Johnson
  • Craig Murray
  • Ruth Schwartz
  • Kerrie Vanden Bosch, Executive Secretary

  • Dentons represented the Detroit Official Retiree Committee and the retirees in the Chrysler bankruptcy (same as Orr was involved in). Dentons was the former employer of Kevin Charvous from Alliance for School Choice  with Betsy DeVos. Kevin P. Charvous is has been connected to the Black Alliance for Educational Options 


According to Dome Magazine, Rothwell pushed to expand Detroit Renaissance beyond Detroit. It was started by Detroit CEOS following the 1967 riots. See also "The Kings of Michigan"
Detroit Chamber of Commerce
Honorary Directors


"The DWSD RFI requires that any Public-Private Partnership include a commitment to limit rate increases to no more than 4% per year for the first 10 years." -
 Third Amended Disclosure Statement, PDF Page 160

Detroit Water Board
Great Lakes Water Authority

The authority is comprised of six members, one representative each from Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties, one member appointed by the governor to represent customers outside of those three counties, and two members representing the city of Detroit.
Water Issues

Water Meets Money Conference 2014:


Parts of the Bankruptcy Third Amended Disclosure Statement, April 25, 2014

"(b) City-Owned Land
An estimated 22 square miles of land within City limits is government-owned, including parcels owned by the City, Wayne County and the State. Many of these parcels are vacant overgrown lots with illegal dumping or contain abandoned buildings in need of demolition. It has been estimated that the City owns approximately 60,000 parcels of vacant land and approximately 10% of the estimated 78,000 vacant structures within City limits. The vast majority of City-owned parcels have limited present commercial value. The City's efforts to address blight, remove vacant structures and encourage beneficial uses of City-owned land – which measures include initiatives involving the Detroit Land Bank Authority and the Michigan Land Bank – are addressed in Section IX.B.1 of this Disclosure Statement." PDF 109 Third Amended Disclosure Statement

"with respect to non-governmental stakeholders: the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (a section 501(c)(3) entity contracted by the City to provide real estate, development and fiduciary services), the Blight Authority (a Michigan non-profit entity specializing in scale and brush clearing) and DTE (responsible for supplying or cutting power to blighted structures/parcels), among numerous other interested parties." PDF p 134 Third Amended Disclosure Statement

"8. Demolition Initiatives
In April 2010, the City launched a program to take initial steps toward addressing urban blight within the City. This program had the goal of demolishing 10,000 vacant structures (i.e., approximately 13% of the vacant structures within the City and 26% of such buildings classified as dangerous) within three years. Over 5,000 structures had been demolished, but the City lacked sufficient funding to complete the project by its target date of December 2013. The City also
commenced an ancillary demolition initiative in partnership with the State, pursuant to which $10 million has been allocated to the targeted demolition of 1,234 structures located in the vicinity of schools. As of February 28, 2013, 179 structures had been demolished pursuant to this ancillary initiative (and another 56 were under contract to be demolished)."  PDF Page 140 Third Amended Disclosure Statement

"As more fully described in Exhibit I, the City intends to distribute the $1.40 billion in reinvestment as follows: Blight Remediation $440.3 million"  PDF Page  172 Third Amended Disclosure Statement Note: This is the highest line item in the entire "reinvestment." 

"1. Blight Removal
Reduction of urban blight is among the City's highest reinvestment priorities. The City anticipates that a substantial reduction in blighted structures and properties would, among other things: (a) stabilize the City's eroding property values and property tax base; (b) allow the City to more efficiently and effectively deliver municipal services; (c) improve the health, safety and quality of life for City residents; (d) foster increased land utilization within the City; and (e) dramatically improve the national perception of the City. To this end, the City proposes to invest a total of $440.3 million over the course of the next six Fiscal Years to
remediate residential blight within the City. Among other things, this investment will allow the BSEED to increase the rate of residential demolitions from an average of 450 demolitions per month to an average of approximately 725 per month. The City intends to focus its initial demolition efforts around schools and other areas identified by the Detroit Works Project and the Detroit Future City project. The City estimates that it will invest the following amounts toward blight
removal during each of Fiscal Years 2014 through 2019:
Fiscal Year Expenditure
2014 $3.2 million
2015 $113.6 million
2016 $103.5 million
2017 $80.0 million
2018 $80.0 million
2019 $80.0 million
These efforts currently are – and will continue to be – complemented by discrete blight remediation efforts. For example, the Michigan State Housing Development Authority has allocated $52 million to the City (out of $100 million received from the U.S. Treasury from its "Hardest Hit Fund"). These funds – administered through the Detroit Land Bank Authority (in conjunction with the Michigan Land Bank) – will allow for blight elimination on 4,000 to 6,000 publicly owned residential structures over a 15-month period. Other complementary blight elimination efforts include: (a) a pilot program implemented by a nongovernmental non-profit agency (addressing blight in the Eastern Market and Brightmoor sections of the City); (b) the "Hantz Woodlands" urban farming project, in connection with which a 150-acre, 1,500-parcel tract of land on the City's lower east side has been acquired by a private party and is being cleared of blight and maintained; and (c) the devotion of $12 million in recently repurposed HUD funds for the targeting of commercial demolition during Fiscal Year 2014. Additionally, in September 2013, President Obama's administration announced a planned investment of $300 million in public and private aid to the City, a portion of which would be earmarked for blight removal efforts. As set forth at Section VII.C.7.c, remediating blight requires the coordination of – and the City intends to coordinate with – a multiplicity of government agencies at the local, state and federal levels, and certain interested nongovernmental organizations. Coordination and cooperation among these entities is critical to the success of the City's reinvestment efforts....In so doing, the City can raise investor
confidence and effect lasting change in economic growth and quality of life. In developing its blight removal initiative, the City has taken into account the proposals set forth in the Detroit Future City Strategic Framework (the "Strategic Framework"), and the City" PDF Page 172-173 Third Amended Disclosure Statement

Note that not a word is said about the tens of thousands of foreclosures and the predatory loans made to Detroiters. For more information visit Eviction Defense and

Detroit Works (Detroit Future City early incarnation)

Comes from Richard Baron, of McCormack Baron Salazar, St. Louis., Duggan contributor along with others in his firm. Riverfront developer According to Channel 4 land by Dequindre Cut given by Economic Development Corporation for $1 plus giving a 1.7 million dollar loan
The Detroit Economic Growth Association (DEGA), which is the nonprofit arm of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC) funds raised  are received and supervised by the DEGA under its charitable tax exempt status, gets administrative and leadership support, contracting services, insurance coverage, accounting, and legal oversight to the Implementation Office.
Detroit Future City Steering Committee
Detroit Future City Steering Committee
  • Matt Cullen, Rock Ventures (Dan Gilbert), see above
  • James Michael Curenton, Master of Divinity, Mayflower Congregational United Church of God in Christ
  • Paul Hillegonds, DTE Energy, see above
  • George W. Jackson, Jr., Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, see above
  • Saunteel Jenkins, THAW
  • Sharnita Johnson, Program Office, W. K. Kellogg Foundation
  • Tom Lewand, Attorney, Bodman
  • Faye Nelson, see above
  • Rip Rapson, See above
  • James Ribbron, Director, City of Detroit Board of Zoning Appeals / President
  • Doug Rothwell, President & CEO, Business Leaders of Michigan See above.
  • Dr. George Swan III, Vice Chancellor, Wayne County Community College District
  • Alice Thompson, President and CEO, Black Family Development
  • Heaster Wheeler, Deputy County Executive, Wayne County
  • Marja Winters, Deputy Director, City of Detroit Planning and Development Department
Detroit Land Bank
The Detroit Land Bank is governed by a board of five directors. Four are appointed by the Mayor of Detroit and approved by Detroit City Council, and one is appointed by the Executive Director of the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA).


Michigan Land Bank is under control of the executive director of of MSHDA, Wayne Workman, from Robert W. Baird & Co.,4641,7-141-7559_9617-28256--,00.html .
The board of the State Land Bank is dissolved.,3190,7-298-37399---,00.html

Blight Taskforce
Blight Authority

Bill Pulte – The Blight Authority, Pulte Capital Equity

Pulte Capital Equity
Invests in "leading building products businesses."


Sponsors and Supporters
DTE Energy
Community Foundation of Southeastern Michigan
JP Morgan Chase and Co.
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Michigan Economic Development Corporation
Knight Foundation
New Economy Initiative
Hudson Webber Foundation

Example of one of the Invest Detroit portfolio in the First Step funds, Accio Energy.


To see the experts’ reports go to
  • CMM
  • Malhotra
  • Perry
  • Taranto
  • Hill
  • Niblock
  • M. Plumme
  • Vanessa Fusco - Christie's
  • Satter
  • This blog is not recent but is very informational about the bankruptcy:
Bankruptcy Firms:

  • The Free Press published a Jones Day email sent from Kevyn Orr to Corinne Ball and Steve Brogan Jan. 31, 2013 that says: "Thank you for thinking of alternative ways to skin this thinking about the EM position I went back and looked at the SIGTARP legislation and the federal law authorizing the creation of the DC Control Board in 95. Both gave those managers tremendous powers, but neither was subject to questions about the authority of the Congress to enact them and the President's authority to sign them into law. By contrast, Michigan's EM law is a clear end around the prior initiative that was rejected by the voters in November...So although the new law [EM law] provides the thin veneer of a revision it is essentially a redo of the prior rejected law and appears to merely adopts the conditions necessary for a chapter 9 filing. The news reports state that opponents of the prior law are already lining up to challenge this law. Nonetheless I am going to speak with Baird in a few minutes to see what his thinking is.""
  • Conway McKenzie: Charles Moore: City of Detroit Chapter 9 case, analysis of Employee Retirement System for Puerto Rico, .Jefferson County, AL; Stockton, CA; Detroit Public Schools; Wayne County Circuit Court and AFSCME.  Van Conway was a contributor to Duggan
  • Pepper Hamilton,
  • Doug Bernstein (representing Grand Bargain Foundations)
  • Fees


    Board Members listed on IRS form 990 ( 2013 )
    • Dulce Fuller
    • Rodney Lockwood Jr.
    • Richard Haworth, see above
    • Phil Jenkins
    • Joseph Fitzsimmons
    • Edward Levy Jr., Mackinac Center for Public Policy, Citizen's Research Council
    • J.C. Huizinga
    • Douglas Kinnan
    • Clifford Taylor
    • Richard Mclellan
    • Joseph Maguire
    • Kent Herrick
    • D. Joseph Olson
    Staff listed on IRS form 990 ( 2013 )
    • Joseph Lehman
    • Michael J. Reitz
    • Michael D. Lafaive
    • Frank Vernuccio
    To see the plans the Mackinac Center for Public Policy has made for Detroit over the past decade or so  - See more at:
    Water Department Privatization

    Asset Privatization

    Public Lighting

    A developer from Bingham Farms who is a part of the Mackinac Policy Center, Rodney Lockwood has a plan for The Commonwealth of Belle Isle.  Another article: “For whom the private belle tolls.” Lockwood Development

    This talks about Emergency Management, ALEC, pension "reform" and the Mackinac Policy Center

    More:  - See more at:
    This describes some of the funding for the Mackinac Policy Center



    New  Economy Initiative
    • American Middle East Economic Affairs Committee
    • Ann Arbor SPARK Foundation
    • Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services
    • AutoHarvest Foundation
    • Automation Alley Fund
    • Bizdom U (Gilbert)
    • Brookings Institution
    • Business Leaders for Michigan
    • City Connect Detroit
    • College for Creative Studies
    • Council of Michigan Foundations
    • Detroit Development Fund
    • Detroit Economic Growth Association
    • Detroit Midtown Micro-Enterprise Fund Corporation
    • Detroit Regional Chamber Foundation Inc.
    • Downtown Detroit Partnership
    • Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
    • Henry Ford Health Systems
    • Inforum Center for Leadership
    • Invest Detroit Foundation
    • Macomb Community College
    • Macomb OU INC
    • Matching Opportunities and Resources for Entrepreneurs (MORE)
    • MDC Inc.
    • Michigan Corps
    • Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)
    • Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center
    • Michigan State University
    • Michigan Women's Foundation
    • Midtown Detroit Inc.
    • National Skills Coalition
    • NextEnergy
    • Oakland University
    • Society of Manufacturing Engineers
    • Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA)
    • Southwest Solutions
    • Sustainable Water Works
    • University of Michigan
    • Upwardly Global
    • Urban Entrepreneur Partnership Detroit
    • Venture for America
    • Walsh College
    • Wayne State University
    • WSU TechTown
    • Providing $3 million to the College for Creative Studies for the renovation of the historic Argonaut Building in Detroit as a center for creative activity, enterprise and education and an extension of its campus; and
    • Providing $750,000 for The Life Sciences Innovation Center to help Ann Arbor SPARK turn a former Pfizer laboratory into a business incubator for life sciences firms and entrepreneurs. and more see website above.
    The New Economy Initiative includes $100 million in funding commitments over 8 years from:


    Local Advisory Board
    Funders for LISC

    City of Detroit, State of Michigan Financial Review Team (2012)

    Initial Team,4679,7-121-1755_1963-268964--,00.html
    • Andy Dillon, state treasurer, more here
    • Doug Ringler,Office of Internal Audit Services in the Department of Technology, Management and Budget
    • Dr. Irvin Reid, retired Wayne State University
    • Dr. Isaiah “Ike” McKinnon, retired City of Detroit; more here
    • Conrad Mallett, DMC Sinai Grace, more here
    • Jack Martin, U.S. Department of Education; more here
    • Dr. Glenda Price, Marygrove College more here
    • Shirley Stancato, New Detroit
    • Frederick Headen, Treasury’s Local Government Services Bureau
    • Brom Stibitz, senior policy advisor for the department
    Others mentioned later,5248,7-302-63798---,00.html
    • Kenneth Whipple, see more
    • Ronald Goldsberry, Parker Chemical, (Ford), Occidental Chemical Corporation, Gulf Oil Corporation, the Boston Consulting Group and Hewlett Packard, Army - NASA/AMES Research Center, Central State University Foundation, Michigan State University Foundation, Unum Corporation, and WTVS-TV, DAPCEP, National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities In Engineering and Science, Inc. (GEM) and more  and even more  and 
    • Darrell Burks, see more
    • Robert Bowman, Milwaukee, Michigan Education Trust,Take-Two Interactive Corp. and Warnaco Corp.
    • Mary Beth Kuderik, UAW's medical benefits trust, General Motors shift to VEBA
    • W. Howard Morris, The Prairie & Tireman Group, EFM Inkster Public School District, CFO Detroit Public School District.
    • Eddie Munson, see more
    • Sandra Pierce, Charter One, Michigan.
    Detroit Financial Review Commission (2014)

    1. Former New York Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch, “special liaison to the state.”
    2. John Roberts, the state budget director
    3. Mike Duggan, City of Detroit, Vanguard Health, DMC, Wayne County, father is Republican federal judge, Patrick Duggan.,  Attended classes at University of Michigan at same time as Kevyn Orr, Emergency Manager. Campaign contribution from a house party given by State Representative Gail Haines where over $35,000 was raised. According to this article, she is allegedly a dues paying member of ALEC. She also helped Livonia's Rep. John Walsh put the pension bill (PA 183) in the 11 bills for the Grand Bargain for the bankruptcy.,4668,7-277-57577_57657-331379--,00.html Information about the primary election
    4. Brenda Jones, Detroit City Council
    5. Darrell Burks of Bloomfield Hills, past PricewaterhouseCoopers, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Greektown Casino Board, M-1 Rail, College for Creative Studies, Michigan Virtual University, the State appointed Financial Advisory Board for the City of Detroit, member of the State Review Team, Future of Detroit Foundation.,5248,7-302-63798-296075--,00.html
    6. Stacy Fox,  Roxbury Group, a Detroit real estate development and investment firm, associated with DuPont. Duggan contributor along with principal DiRita and others from group. According to following article, the EDC will sell the Globe building to Roxbury Group for $1 to develop it for the DNR. They would get $11 million financing from the state’s Natural Resources Trust Fund. DNR would purchase it when its ready for a total project cost of $12.8 million.
    Roxbury redeveloped the David Whitney Building, $82.5 million project involving funding from the state, Bank of America, the Downtown Development Authority and others. Detroit Economic Growth Corp./DDA development agreement for The Griswold, $22 million development. For more: Report on connection to Turkia Mullin, Airport
    7. Lorron James, James Group International. Here is Snyder campaigning at James Group International., Detroit Wayne County Port Authority,4679,7-121-1751_51556_64472_66601_70240_70241_70248-341278--,00.html
    8. Bill Martin of Ann Arbor, U of M Ross School of Business graduate, Michigan Strategic Fund. His real estate company:,4679,7-121-1751_51556_64472_66601_70240_70241_70248-341279--,00.html
    Snyder contributor
    9. Tony Saunders of Detroit, who was a director at  Conway MacKenzie Inc. and was emergency manager for the city of Benton Harbor. Saunders also connected to Saunteel Jenkins. In the past strategic and financial planning services to the city of Highland Park, WYLD Marketing Group. Graduate of the University of Michigan. All about Benton Harbor, the PGA and the imprisoned Rev. Pinkney, home of Whirlpool.,4679,7-121-1751_51556_64472_66601_70240_70241_70248-341281--,00.html

    Belle Isle Conservancy
    • Sarah Earley, Chair (wife of Anthony Early past Chairman/CEO of DTE, chairman of PG & E), National Association of Olmstead Parks
    • Ethan Vinson, Cummings, McClory, Davis & Acho
    • Paul Huxley, Strategic Staffing Solutions. See Cynthia Pasky.
    • Joyce Hayes-Giles, DTE Energy
    • Kate Beebe, Katherine Beebe & Associates
    • Ed Deeb, Founder and Chairman, Michigan Youth Appreciation Foundation
    • Janice Ellison, Community Volunteer
    • Cynthia Ford, Community Volunteer, McGregor Foundation
    • Ray C. Johnson, Global Educational Services
    • Judy Jonna, Healing Solutions
    • Alicia B. Masse, Alderney Advisors, LLC
    • Vance Patrick, R.V. Patrick Construction
    • Buzz Thomas, The Thomas Group Consulting, Inc., see above
    • Marilyn Tuchow, Community Volunteer
    City of Detroit Representatives
    • Emmett Moten, Mayoral Appointee
    • Alicia Minter, Director, Detroit Recreation Department
    • Brad Dick, Director, General Services Department
    • Terri Conner, Senior Public Service Supervisor, City of Detroit
    • James Tate, Detroit City Council
     Michele Hodges, President of Grosse Pointe Park, past president of the Troy Chamber of Commerce, Detroit Regional Economic Partnership and was executive director of downtown development authority and business development for the City of Southfield.,4570,7-153-65134_67332-319984--,00.html

    Belle Isle Advisory Committee,4570,7-153-65134_67332-319984--,00.html

    The advisory committee consists of three representatives appointed by the governor; one representative appointed by Detroit City Council; two representatives appointed by the mayor of the city; and one representative to serve as chair jointly appointed by the governor and mayor. As outlined in the lease that provides for state management of the park, at least three members of the advisory committee must be residents of the City of Detroit.
    • Belle Isle Advisory Committee Chair Michele Hodges
    • Bryan C. Barnhill, II of Detroit,  works for Mike Duggan, connected to former Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh, past Southwest Housing Solutions and Kushner Companies NYC
    • Michael Curis of Grosse Pointe Shores. Curis Enterprises based in Detroit. Developer in and around Detroit., Curis Big Boys, Inc., St. John Hospital in Detroit, The Coleman A. Young Foundation and the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation.
    • Rev. Lonnie Peek, Jr.of Detroit, eBusiness Strategies, Wayne County Community College, Council of Baptist Pastors of Detroit and Vicinity, Detroit RiverFront Conservancy, New Detroit, Inc., Detroit Economic Growth Corporation and the Board of Visitors School of Social Work at Wayne State University, Greater Christ Baptist Church in Detroit.
    Mayor-appointed committee members include:
    • Bud Denker of Bloomfield Hills, Penske Corp., Penske Automotive Group and Penske Performance. Past: Eastman Kodak. Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix, Downtown Detroit Partnership and The Parade Company.
    • Alicia Minter of Detroit, City of Detroit Recreation Department, past Belle Isle Park manager, Detroit RiverFront Conservancy, Eastern Market Corporation Northwest Community Programs, past Booker T. Washington Business Association.
    • Detroit City Council committee member ??
    • Sommer Woods of Detroit, appointed by the Detroit City Council, Sommer Solutions, M1-RAIL, Office of Mayor Dave Bing, Detroit Super Bowl XL Host Committee, PGA Tour, Inc.


    Executive Committee
    • Mark Stiers –  DTE Energy
    • Bertram Marks –Litigation Associates PLLC
    • Jerry Carlson –  Microsoft
    • Michelle Lemerond –  Comerica Bank
    • Mark Lichtman –  Zenacomp Incorporated
    Board Members
    • Jo Arnold, Detroit Water and Sewage
    • David Rouls, Accenture
    • Douglas E. Detterman, Consumers Energy
    •  Jim Ross, Palace Sports and Entertainment
    • Carl English, American Electric Power, AEP retired
    • Susan Foley, University of Michigan Health System
    • Daniel Forsyth, SEMCO Energy
    • Lawrence C. Glass, Jr., El Bethel Baptist Church
    • Debbie Kenyon, CBS Radio Detroit
    • Kirk Mayes, Forgotten Harvest
    • Linda Orlans, Orlans Associates, PC. more here
    • April Donaldson, Strategic Staffing Solutions, see Cynthia Pasky 
    Honorary Founding Members
    • Frank Culver
    • Jack Schwab, Community Volunteer
    • Geneva Williams, Detroit City Connect
    DTE - people associated with DTE are at the CFSEM, Hudson-Webber, Kresge, DIA, Business Leaders for Michigan, Detroit Future City, Invest Detroit, LISC, Belle Isle Conservancy, MEDC, M-1 Rail
    • Gerard Anderson, more here
    • Lillian Bauder Ph.D., DTE Energy Company    
    • Charles Pryor Jr., DTE Energy Company
    • Josue Robles Jr., USA (Ret.), United Services Automobile Association
    • James Vandenberghe,  DTE Energy Company, Duggan contributor
    • W. Frank Fountain Jr.,  Africare, more here
    • Ruth Shaw,  Duke Energy Corporation
    • Gail McGovern,  American Red Cross    
    • Mark Murray, Meijer, Inc., see above
    • David Brandon,    Domino's Pizza, Inc. See above   
    • Charles “Chip” McClure Jr., Suspensys Sistemas Automotivos Ltda, see above 
    • James Nicholson, Beringea LLC, see above
    • David Thomas Ph.D., Brightwood Capital Advisors, LLC
    Invest Michigan Business Leadership Council

    Citizen's Research Council

    M-1 Rail

    Roger S. Penske, Penske Corporation, contributor to rail .
    Dan Gilbert, Quicken Loans, contributor to rail .

    Below are all the authorities under this umbrella. Note that authorities control tax money but are NOT elected by taxpayers.

    Downtown Development Authority  

    • Mike Duggan, City of Detroit
    • Robert Anderson, City of Detroit
    • Marvin Beaty, Greektown Casino (Gilbert)
    • David Blaszkiewicz, Detroit Investment Fund/Downtown Detroit Partnership
    • Ehrlich Crain, White Construction
    • Harold Curry, C.O.S. Group, LLC
    • Sonya Delley, Flagstar Bank
    • Richard Hosey, Resident, more
    • Cheryl Johnson, City of Detroit
    • Stephen Ogden, Rock Ventures (Gilbert), Brownfield Development Authority
    Detroit Brownfield Redevelopment Authority

    Brownfield Redevelopment Authority

    Brownfield Redevelopment Community Advisory Committee

    • Derek Brown, Quorum Commercial
    • Willie Cambell, Core City Neighborhoods
    • Nathan Ford, City of Detroit
    • Faith Fowler, Cass Community Social Services
    • Dolores Leonard, Detroit Resident
    • Steve Ogden, Rock Ventures (Gilbert), more
    • Fred Prime, Loop Capital Markets
    • Allen Rawls, DMJM
    • Sandra Yu, Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice
    Economic Development Corporation of the City of Detroit, Neighborhood Development Corporation and Tax Increment Finance Authority
    (same board for all three)
    9 member board is appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council.

    Michigan Economic Development Corporation Executive Committee
    • Doug Rothwell, MEDC, Business Leaders for Michigan. more
    •  Jeff Noel, Whirlpool Corporation, Benton Harbor
    • Lizabeth Ardisana, ASG Renaissance, Dearborn, more here
    • David B. Armstrong, GreenStone Farm Credit Services, East Lansing
    • Mary Lou Benecke, Benecke Consulting, LLC, Bay City
    • John W. Brown, Stryker Corporation, Portage
    • Robert Collier, Council of Michigan Foundations, Grand Haven
    • Stephen Forrest, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
    • Cindy Larsen, Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce, Muskegon
    • David E. Meador, DTE Energy, Detroit, see more
    • Jeff Metts, Dowding Industries/Astraeus Wind Energy, Eaton Rapids
    • Thomas James Moran, Moran Iron Works, Inc.
    • Scott Newman-Bale, Short’s Brewing Company, Elk Rapids & Bellaire
    • J. Gregory Northrup, Sustainable Partners, LLC, Grand Rapids
    • Gerald D. Poisson, Oakland County, MI
    • Christopher L. Rizik, Renaissance Venture Capital Fund, Ann Arbor, more
    • Anmar K. Sarafa, Steward Capital Management, Inc., Bloomfield Hills
    • Marilyn Schlack, Kalamazoo Valley Community College, Kalamazoo
    • David G. Sowerby, Loomis Sayles & Company, Bloomfield Hills, more
    • Dayne Walling, City of Flint
    Michigan Strategic Fund
    • Michael A. Finney, MSF Board President & Chairman, more
    • Paul Anderson, Greenstone
    • Kevin Clinton, Michigan Department of Treasury
    • Michael J. Jackson, Sr.,  Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters
    • Bill J. Martin, Michigan Association of Realtors
    • Terri Jo Umlor, Springfield Commercial Roofing
    • Jody DuPree Vanderwel, Grand Angels
    • Jim Walsh, Retired, Meijer Inc.
    • Shaun W. Wilson, PNC Financial Services Group
    • Mike Zimmer, Michigan Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs

    Detroit Public Safety Foundation
    • Anne Mervenne, Mervenne & Company, see more
    • James B. Nicholson, PVS Chemicals, Inc., see more
    • Reginald Turner, Clark Hill, see more
    • Mike McLauchlan, Ilitch Holdings, Inc.
    • Gary Brown, City of Detroit, see more
    • Mike Bruggeman, Rock Ventures (Gilbert)
    • Denise Starr, Compuware
    • Damon Tooles, Tooles Contracting Group, CEO
    • John Zidar, Motorola Solutions, Inc.

    Wayne State University Foundation
    Board of Directors
    • Maggie Allesee, see more
    • James Anderson, Urban Science Applications, Inc.
    • Eugene Applebaum, Arbor Investments Group
    • Joy Baxt, Nurse Educator
    • Arthur Bryant, City of Grosse Pointe Woods
    • Julius Combs, National Healthcare Scholars
    • Walter Douglas, Avis Ford, Inc.
    • Eugene Driker,Wayne State University Foundation Board Of Directors,Wayne State University Board of Governors, Barris, Sott, Denn & Driker, see more
    • Ty Fahner, Mayer Brown LLP
    • Yousif Ghafari, Ghafari Associates, see more
    • Paul Glantz, Emagine Entertainment, Inc., Proctor Financial, Inc.
    • Elliott Hall, Dykema Gossett, P.L.L.C. see more
    • Morton Harris
    • David M. Hempstead, Bodman, see more
    • Chacona W. Johnson, Wayne State University Foundation Board, Development and Alumni Affairs, Wayne State University, see more
    • Peter Karmanos, Compuware Corporation, see more
    • Denise J. Lewis, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn, see more
    • Taylor Lewis, M.D.,.Quest Diagnostics, Inc.
    • David Meador, DTE Energy, see more
    • David A. Nicholson, Wayne State University Board of Governors, son of James Nicholson PVS Chemicals, see more
    • Spencer Partrich, Lautrec, Inc.
    • Howard Perlman, Friedman Real Estate Group, Inc. Dan Friedman of Friedman Real Estate He grew up in the Twickingham subdivision of Southfield with Dan Gilbert and helped him to buy buildings downtown.
    • Richard Peters, Penske Corporation, see more
    • Mitchell Ritter, Wayne State University Alumni Association
    • Louis Romano,Wayne State University Academic Senate
    • David Salzman, Hollywood Executive and Producer
    • A. Paul Schaap, Lumigen, Inc., see more
    • Alan E. Schwartz, Honigman, Miller, Schwartz & Cohn, see more
    • John Schwarz, Former U.S. Congressman, 7th District of Michigan
    • Frederick Sievert, New York Life Insurance Company
    • Matthew J. Simoncini, Lear Corporation, see more
    • Stephen Strome, Handleman Company
    • Alfred Taubman,The Taubman Company, see more
    • Gary Torgow, Sterling Group, see more
    • M. Roy Wilson,Wayne State University, see more
    • Neco Walker, Wayne State University Foundation Board of Directors

    Downtown Detroit Partnership
    Executive Committee
    • Cynthia J. Pasky, Strategic Staffing Solutions
    • Daniel J. Loepp, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
    • Matthew P. Cullen, Rock Ventures LLC
    • Eric B. Larson,
    • Gerard M. Anderson, DTE Energy Company
    • David O. Egner, Hudson-Webber Foundation
    • Stacy Fox, The Roxbury Group
    • Daniel B. Gilbert, Rock Ventures, Quicken Loans
    • Christopher Ilitch, Ilitch Holdings, Inc.
    • George W. Jackson, Jr., Ventra Group LLC
    • Cameron H. Piggott, Dykema Gossett PLLC
    • Denise Starr, Compuware Corporation
    • Bishop Edgar L. Vann II, Second Ebenezer Church
    Downtown Detroit Partnership
    Board Members
    • Marvin Beatty,Greektown Casino-Hotel
    • Gary Brown, City of Detroit
    • John Carter, Chase
    • James Craig, City of Detroit
    • Keith Crain, Crain Communications Inc
    • Mark Davidoff*, Deloitte LLP
    • Richard Devore, PNC
    • Robert A. Ficano, Wayne County
    • David Foltyn, Honigman Miller Schwartz and
    •     Cohn LLP
    • J.G. Ted Gillary, Detroit Athletic Club
    • Roderick Gillum,  Jackson Lewis LLP
    • Ronald L. Hausman, Walbridge
    • Tricia A. Keith, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
    • Thomas J. Lewand, Detroit Lions, Inc.
    • Sergio Marchionne, Chrysler Group LLC
    • Steve Marquardt, Olympia Development
    • David E. Meador, DTE Energy
    • Roderick Miller, Detroit Economic Growth Corporation
    •  Joseph J. Mullany, Detroit Medical Center
    • James A. Murray, AT&T Michigan
    • Timothy F. Nicholson, PVS Chemicals Inc.
    • Mariam C. Noland, Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan
    • Jim Palmer, Lowe Campbell Ewald
    • Heather Paquette, KPMG
    • Roger S. Penske, Penske Corporation
    • Richard (Rip) Rapson, The Kresge Foundation
    • Michael T. Ritchie, Comerica Bank
    • Doug Rothwell, Business Leaders for Michigan
    • Andra Rush, Rush Group
    • Nancy Schlichting, Henry Ford Health System
    • John W. Stroh III, The Stroh Companies, Inc.
    • Ramesh (Ray) Telang, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
    • Gary H. Torgow, The Sterling Group
    • Steven A. White, Detroit Renewable Energy
    • M. Roy Wilson, Wayne State University
    • Steven J. Zanella, MGM Grand Detroit
    • Paul Trulik, Apparatus Solutions, Inc.

    Detroit Development Fund


    Ford Foundation
    Knight Foundation
    Kresge Foundation
    New Economy Initiative
    Detroit Community Loan Fund

    Information taken from third-party sources is believed to be accurate, however no representation or warranty, expressed or otherwise, is made to, and no reliance should be placed on, the fairness, accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information contained herein.