Saturday, June 29, 2013

What have you done for democracy today?

As lovely as it would be if our elected officials were all doing their jobs ethically, they are not. As lovely as it would be that politics was just a rare thought in our minds because we were so well governed, it is not happening right now. As a result, we have a lot of work to do at a time when most of us are tired and sick of it anyway. Let's see what we can do to restore democracy to Detroit.
  • Are you registered to vote? The deadline for the August 6 primary is July 8, 2013. Have you asked neighbors and friends if they are registered?
  • Do you know the Michigan Election Reform Alliance is observing the election and they need volunteers? 
  • Have you been going to the Emergency Manager protests? You can find out about them at Moratorium NOW! and the Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management. There are also protests from Detroit Eviction Defense which are against banks that have helped ruin Detroit.
  • Have you researched all the candidates in depth? Google all of us. Talk with friends - Detroit is a small town. Everybody already knows. 
  • Have you written to the President, Attorney General, your senators and representatives to let them know that your support depends on how Detroit is treated? That their political futures and campaign contributions are directly connected to how they defend democracy in Detroit. 
  • Have you been supporting election reform so elections cannot be bought?
  • Have you researched the plans of conservatives so you understand that this is all a part of a larger conservative plan? Read about the Bradley Foundation more about the Bradley Foundation, Mackinac Policy Center, Americans for Prosperity and about American Legislative Exchange Council and more about ALEC
  • Do you take your children with you to vote? Have them understand democracy, raise their expectations of what this system should be. 
  • Only go to forums and buy/read media publications where ALL candidates are represented. Endorsements and limited information are undemocratic and ripe for corruption.

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