Friday, August 2, 2013

Garbage pick up late? SnydOrr's Trashy Garbage Plan

Have you noticed your garbage getting picked up late over the last few weeks? Maybe your garbage pick up, like in my neighborhood, has been in the past something you could set your clock to. It was one of the very few things I could point to in this city and say, yes - my tax money is working. Our garbage man even waves to us. Now, our garbage trucks are up for sale.

Oddly & suspiciously the garbage has been being picked up late for the past few weeks all over this city at the same time the move for privatization of garbage pick up is being floated in the now stinky Detroit air. Perhaps it is purposeful to make people THINK we have bad service so they will support this trashy SnydOrr plan? I am 100% SURE there is more to this story. Please clue me in to what you know - about recycling as well. Detroit has no secrets (which is just another reason to love it).

Here is an article that explains it in depth and another. The RFP is even out there.
For this one, the company may even have a good chance of being from out of state.  This plan is especially hideous in its organization, having four sections for a possible four different companies to pick up trash. That is a steaming load of compost waiting to happen! The plan says they are not required to hire city workers. More filthy trash from SnydOrr. Orr even says they aren't saving that much money.

Privatization in general encourages bad service and corruption. Giving out huge contracts opens the door for unparalleled corruption - oftentimes elected officials/appointees are paid off to get the contract. Money is taken from the hands of the unionized workers and put into the hands of the contractor company owners and non-union workers who are usually paid less and get less benefits. Citizens get worse service because of the layers and lack of accountability. Every time privatization is proposed, just say no.

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