Monday, January 16, 2017

The Fable of the Orange Monkey

A malicious mathematical magician* 
sat in his dungeon alone with the cool air blowing through his meticulously neat laboratory. His machines whirred and clicked as he quietly came up with a formula to bring an orange monkey to rule the land and do his bidding. 

The orange monkey brought evil and sadness to the good people of the land. Darkness fell like a black blanket. He loved hate and the magician magnified it.** It fed his soul. But bananas..he was greedy and wanted all the bananas in the world. The malicious mathematical magician realized the orange monkey was out of his control. The magician thought he would get everything he wanted - rule the earth and make it the hateful place he imagined from his dungeon. For years he had been making magical spells for other evil people who bet on other people's misfortunes and profited off them.*** Now it was his turn. "It's not fair" he yelled and started to cry, causing a small fire amongst his machines.

The good people of the land had no idea the orange monkey came from the magician. They blamed each other, thinking they had brought the orange monkey on themselves!

As the orange monkey was now free of the magicians control, he realized he could do tricks for any rich person and he would get bananas. The mathematical magician realized that he had not computed the greed variable of the orange monkey himself. He pondered this. But now the monkey was a living breathing reflection of his own greed, running loose. 

A witch from the land of many lakes**** gave the orange monkey bananas for her to be in charge of all the children of the land. The witch hated children. She wanted them to stop going to school and work for her - except for the rich children. She didn't want any of her money or the other rich people's money to go toward children learning reading or math. No chance for them to become mathematical magicians. She herself hated teachers - all of them. Even the ones who let children play games, made them laugh and gave out wonderful stickers and lollipops. She wanted poor children to work. She imagined them in dark mines, like the ones she already had in the jungle.***** Oh the gold they could mine for her! And she just had to give the orange monkey a few bananas to make her dreams come true. 

Perhaps the good people of the land will find the malicious mathematical magician in his quiet dungeon****** and put him somewhere without his laboratory and his whirring and clicking machines - without even so much as a pencil to write 2+2. He could spend the rest of his life trapped with the orange monkey himself, watching those films school counselors have children watch about not being a bully and such. 

This story is just the beginning. The malicious mathematical magician has not yet learned his lesson. (So its not really a fable. Sorry.) We will have to teach him that lesson. How will we do it? Will there be pitchforks and torches outside his dungeon? Will you be the person who saved the good people of the land? 

*Robert Mercer. See: 1. The Bizarre Far-Right Billionaire Behind Trump's Presidency   
2. Robert Mercer’s Trade of the Century | Institutional Investor   
**Making Breitbart news pander to hate. See above articles.
***Hedge Funds
*****Betsy DeVos 
*****Mines in West Africa have been invested in by the RDV Corp., the company that manages the DeVos wealth. See AmLib
******You can find him at Renaissance Technologies 800 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022 212-829-4460 or try the East Setauket, NY office 631-444-7000. (There are others too) 

If he wants to hurl an orange monkey at America, we should all feel free to call him, stop by or send a letter about how we feel. If corporations want to run the gov't, well, let's bring it home to them. Angry citizens no longer need to complain to their elected representatives who are just corporate front men. 

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