Thursday, April 10, 2014

Important Bankruptcy and Pension Articles

I am very concerned about what is going on nationally about public pensions and how it may, in my opinion, be connected to the Detroit bankruptcy. On March 24 Governor Snyder and Kevyn Orr, Emergency Manager, went to speak at the Manhattan Institute about Detroit's bankruptcy.

The Manhattan Institute has worked with the John Arnold Foundation to implement pension reform which is highly questionable. Jones Day is suggesting that a person from the Manhattan Institute lead the bankruptcy experts in the trial in Detroit! This should not be allowed.

The Detroit bankruptcy should be put on hold until this national pension issue is thoroughly investigated. Below are articles to educate you about the wide scope of what is going on with public pension "reform" in the United States.

Detroit is pension reform's whipping boy Commentary: Clawbacks on earned benefits is
the equivalent of a poll tax - Wall Street Journal Marketwatch

Rhode Island's Pension Pirates

Rhode Island Public Pension Reform: Wall Street's License to Steal - Forbes

Looting the Pension Funds - Rolling Stone

Rhode Island Drops Hedge Fund Criticized by Unionized Teachers

Jacksonville Buyers Beware: Pew Partners with the Arnold Foundation to Bring a Crippling Plan for Public Pensions to Jacksonville - the National Public Pension Coalition

New Reports Reveal Depth of Corporate Collusion in Pension Attacks - the Public Pension Institute

Promise Breakers: How Pew Trust Is Helping to Gut Public Employee Pensions - California
Federation /promise_breakers_how_pew_trust_is_helping_to_gut_public_employee_pensions

Arnold Foundation Mess Has Gray In A Tizzy - Page One Kentucky

Report: Pew and Arnold Working Together to Slash Pensions - Rhode Island Future

ALEC and TIAA-CREF Join the Assault on Public Pensions

Slash and Burn: California Pension War

These two articles are from the groups who are acting, in my opinion, questionably:

This one shares info from the John Arnold Foundation - Pension Reform: Litigate, Negotiate or Go Bankrupt

Why Detroit Needs Bankruptcy - from the Manhattan Institute

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