Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bike, Walk or Ferry to Canada? SOON!

Did you know that they may be planning a bike/pedestrian lane on the new bridge? I have done the "Bike the Bridge" event in the past. It was incredible even as a lifelong resident to see the cities from my bike and to participate in such a friendly international event. I wished I could do it more often and that kids could have the amazing opportunity to conquer the bridge (you had to be 18). I'll admit its a little scary, but its a thrill.Children in Detroit need more opportunities for positive risk-taking. Its also such an easy ride that with even a low fitness level, people could even ride over for dinner or an art show and back!

Did you know that they are planning a ferry between Detroit and Windsor? You would get on by the Renaissance Center. I have seen so many old pictures of the riverfront hopping with ferries and am happy to see that returning. I am just hoping they are ecologically friendly.

I think these wonderful opportunities only highlight the need for our public transit system and bike routes to be fully functional, not just for us, but for guests. How much would someone from Windsor like to take a flight from DTW, if they could ferry across and take a coordinated bus or train from downtown to the airport? There are so many exciting possibilities.

If you ever feel a little down about Detroit's current situation, just remember that we are an international boarder crossing. Detroit and Windsor should be taking full advantage of this for our economic benefit. I love good news for Detroit!

Note: I put a call into the Port Authority to find out where the ferry is - in the 2012 article it said it should be going in Spring 2013. I will update this when I hear from them. 

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